Envelope and roll of aluminum film

Aluminum products of Asia Plastic Hoopad Co. are offered to the customers in the form of simple envelopes stitched on three sides and cassette envelopes in different dimensions, as well as film rolls with the desired thickness and width of the customer. These envelopes are also available in different colors such as black, white, gold, metallic gold and silver, etc.


Aluminum foil is a very thin layer with a thickness of 6 to 200 microns of aluminum, which is prepared in the form of rolls from special alloys. One of the most important features of aluminum foil is its impermeability to water vapor and gases. Aluminum foil has hundreds of applications in various industries, the most efficient of which is in the packaging industry.

Aluminum foil is well compatible with most materials. Even some materials that have a significant effect on aluminum foil are stored in packages that are made of aluminum foil laminate. Aluminum foil is highly resistant to most greases, oil greases and organic solvents. Water alone does not have a significant effect on aluminum foil, but its combination with some weak salts or organic acids can cause corrosion. Therefore, in such cases, the film laminate is used on aluminum foil. In general, foods such as candy, milk, unsalted foods, vegetable and animal butter, as well as many medications and cosmetics are compatible with aluminum foil; in addition, aluminum foil prevents light, moisture, and gases get into these materials. Aluminum foil has a higher resistance to products with a weak acidic environment than products with a weak alkaline environment, such as soaps and detergents. However, its use to preserve mineral acids without a protective layer causes corrosion in aluminum foil, while weak organic acids, such as those found in food, do not affect aluminum foil. The aforementioned properties of aluminum foil make it a suitable medium for packaging products that are sensitive to the influence of external and atmospheric factors such as moisture, light and oxygen in the air (which leads to food spoilage).

Structure & Material

Food Grade and completely hygienic materials have been used as 2 to 4 layer structures in the production of envelope and roll of aluminum film:

PA / PE ; PET / CPP ; OPP / PE ; PET / VMPET/ PE ; PET / PE ; VMPET / PE ; PET / Al / PE ; OPP / VMPET / PE ; PET / Al / PET / CPP ; PET / Al / PET / PE ; OPP / Al / PET / PE


These rolls are used for packaging all kinds of food and pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, industrial products, etc., which are of great importance for protection against external factors such as light.