Quality Policy

Asia Plastic Hopad Company has put the growth and development of economic and production activities, customer satisfaction, gaining more market share and production of quality and excellent products at the top of its agenda and in all activities and processes according to quality management standards and based on satisfaction. The customer continues to operate.

Asia Plastic Hopad Company, considering the brilliant history of the collection in the field of plastic industry, has put the following issues at the forefront of its performance.

  • Upgrading production methods in line with the latest technologies in the world
  • Effective communication with customers and ensuring their satisfaction by improving the quality of services
  • Carrying out research and development projects in order to increase technical knowledge in order to produce new products
  • Development, marketing, marketing and entry into major regional markets
  • Quality control, improvement and upgrade
  • Establish useful and targeted communication with suppliers and consumers on technical issues and improving the quality of products
  • Training, growth and maintenance of the workforce in a suitable and creative environment