Aseptic bags

Asia Plastic Hoopad Company has the ability to produce 220 lt. aseptic bags with different numbers and layers of different materials for different applications.


Aseptic multi-layered bags, also known as bag in boxes, are a new product in which liquid or semi-solid food products can stay healthy at room temperature for a long time using aseptic packaging. With the help of these bags, there is no need to use preservatives to make food last longer. Impermeability to oxygen, steam and microbial contamination, lightness, ease of use and very reasonable price, which, in turn, reduces the cost of transportation and maintenance, are the advantages of using this type of packaging in the world.

Structure and Material

These bags are produced in the following three groups and in different sizes and thicknesses for different applications:

  1. Clear
  2. High barrier (Aluminum)
  3. Standard barrier (Metallized)


Tomato ketchup, concentrates, purees, concentrated and diluted fruit juices and similar products can be packaged and transported in these types of bags.