Cassette Envelope

These envelopes are offered to customers in two types of floor cassette and side cassette with the ability to have a simple or zipped door. Cassette envelopes, depending on the type of product to be placed inside them, can be provided to the consumer in one or two metallized sides in different sizes and thicknesses with a simple or printed design. These envelopes are also available in different colors such as black, white, gold, metallic gold and silver, etc.


Features of this envelope include its ability to stand on store and kitchen shelves , large volume for food, etc., food safety, pressure resistance, anti-leakage and anti-moisture compared to internal and external factors and the possibility of printing on them. The zipped standing envelopes can be considered one of the most popular envelope models in the world.

Structure & Material

Food Grade and completely hygienic materials have been used as 2 to 4 layer structures in the production of cassette envelopes:

PA / PE ; PET / CPP ; OPP / PE ; PET / VMPET/ PE ; PET / PE ; VMPET / PE ; PET / Al / PE ; OPP / VMPET / PE ; PET / Al / PET / CPP ; PET / Al / PET / PE ; OPP / Al / PET / PE


These envelopes can be used to pack a variety of foods, such as sweets and chocolate, nuts and dried fruits, edible powders, ready meals, rice, tea, coffee, sugar, dried vegetables and frozen protein and non-protein ingredients, pickles, olives and pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, industrial materials, etc.