Polyethylene laminated films

Polyethylene films are produced in the form of simple (intestinal) rolls, open arm rolls and single-layer rolls in widths of 4 to 120 cm and thicknesses of 30 to 180 microns. The films are available in a variety of colors, such as white, black, green, gold, and with unique properties, such as ultraviolet, oxa-biodegradability, etc. based on the customers’ needs.


Due to the need for less investment, the choice of polyethylene films for packaging is very economical, which has been highly regarded by large industries, as it saves more money. Other features of polyethylene films include higher strength at low thicknesses, more suitable sealing capabilities, less adhesion of the inner layers of the three-layer film than normal film and less friction coefficient.

Structure & Material

Food grade and completely hygienic materials have been used as 2 to 4 layer structures in the production of polyethylene films:

LLDPE; LDPE; HDPE for 3 Layers polyethylene films


These films are used in large and small bags to pack food, such as sugar, flour, starch, rice and dairy products, animal feed, detergents, chemicals such as granules and minerals.